Hidayah holds a Bachelor degree in Biotechnology from the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia and a Master degree in Industrial Microbiology from Universiti Putra Malaysia. Due to her passion in entrepreneurship and science especially in enzyme technology, she decided to team up with her Professor, Prof Dr Raja Noor Zaliha from UPM to establish Zymeratics Sdn Bhd in April 2014. Before venturing into entrepreneurship, Hidayah was a scientist doing research on the production of enzymes. Since industry in Malaysia totally depends on import enzymes, she sees there is a huge need to establish a local manufacturing company to produce industrial enzymes. Hidayah personifies Zymeratics as a platform to commercialize locally isolated enzymes to be used as biocatalysts and raw materials to cater the need of local industries. She believes that the future of bioindustry in Malaysia will be transformed with the use of enzymes.