BioEconomy Awards 2017

Prof. Dr. Raja Noor Zaliha
- Most Innovative Product for BioIndustrial Category (Gold Medal)
- Most Commercial Ready Product for BioIndustrial Category (Gold Medal)

Innovation to Reality

“We need the industry to
come in and talk to us. So that we can do research towards solving their problems,”

- Prof. Dr. Raja Noor Zaliha Raja Abdul Rahman

Adventures In Microbe Hunting

“We need more entrepreneurs to be brave enough to take up research innovations produced by our
local universities. People seem to have a prejudice, that foreign R&D is better than in Malaysia,
“But you know what? We are doing OK on that front.”

- TheStar

Climate Change vs Clean Tech Business

"It is not just about getting investment to fund our startup but, more
importantly, building networks and getting to know people who can
help clean tech businesses grow"

- Noor Hidayah Shahidan

Cleantech involves high cost and high risk

Zymeratics, a Malaysian biotech start-up, is dedicated to manufacturing enzymes locally to reduce the country’s dependence on imports and eventually reduce the production cost of enzyme-related industries. Its founder, Hidayah Shahidan, says that the high cost of initiating a cleantech start-up is a pressing challenge. “Initiating a cleantech start-up involves high costs, high risks, but big returns,” he says. “Starting a cleantech company generally needs expensive equipment to meet current market standards.”

- Inc Southeast Asia

Top 9 Cleantech Startups from Asia You Need To Know About in 2016

Enzymes and their widespread applications have been the intense focus of environmental researchers as of late—from paper “bio-bleaching” to providing more efficient oil and gas recovery methods. Zymeratics focuses on custom-creating enzymes for a variety of uses—especially environmentally-conscious use cases.